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Rinoa/Trisha crying200 viewshmm..what could Trisha be possibly crying about?

art (c) Bara-Chan
Rinoa (c) Squaresoft
The REAL Samba120 viewsQuite a resemblance to my Beast Tribe character, eh? He's sitting on the floor of the pit I call a room :P No bandanna or wristbands, unfortunately. He gets pissed when I try to put anything on him.9 comments
One-Winged Angel (Kingdom Hearts version)36 viewsIf you've played Kingdom Hearts before, you may have heard this theme while fighting the silver-haired swordmaster that we all know and love to hate (Come on! You know which one I'm talking about).1 comments
Karla3769 viewsthis one is sooo good!!! credit to the artist.2 comments
Another Teresa...86 viewsYuppers...Different pose, though...2 comments
Hector and Lyn, This is it? No contest! by Unknown2904 viewsI can picture it now.
Hector: Hey Lyn, I bet I can take down five of these guys first!
Lyn: A barrel of ale says I'll win.
Hector: Ale? You? That'll be a sight.
Lyn: What's that suppossed to mean?!
Hector: Oh, maybe...that you can't hold your liquor?
Lyn: WHAT?! I can too!
Hector: Ha, ha! No you can't.
Lyn: Yes I can!
Hector: Madwomen!
Lyn: Brute!
Hector: Lunatic!
Lyn: Oaf!
Eliwood (in distance): What am I going to do with those two?
Tactician: Keep score?
Eliwood: *Grumbles angrily*
Yumi Hiroto169 viewsPicture of Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Gamma's third and youngest child. Her class is "Scholar --> Professor" which is basically a class that deals with disarming and countering magic.
Ceril34 viewsCeril, my Sage. =D A random sage who is a mercanary. Or in no army. Depends, really...
Sekura89 viewsSekura, my manakete. Or just a random Myrrh recolor. *sweatdrop* This made me go all, "Oh, my.." When i finished it...XD2 comments
Varin Second Gen. Ver.103 viewsstumbled across this picture and just recolored it. ^^ perfect for Varin on Second Gen. <3
Teresa.......Again.....37 viewsYep. Its obvious this was Isadora, but I turned it into Teresa. It should have bigger eyes, but I suck at that, so whatever. XD
picture1265 viewsI think it's... Nino and Lloyd? I'm not sure... credit to the artist.2 comments
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