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Manga scene 2 - Automail185 viewsThis scene is based on a scene in Full Metal Alchemist. This is an event that happens after the first manga scene. The art isn't as good as the other one and I don't own 'Automail'. You read this right to left.
Transferred from notebok drawings
Full Power Lucy81 viewsLucy's a shaman so if she fully integrates with her spirits this is the form she takes. For some random info, it requires all her mana and energy to become this form and maintain it. 1 comments
Lucy full shot85 viewsAn image of Misa and editted. This isn't the best picture of Misa so I might make another one if I find something else. 7 comments
Marce full body79 viewsBody drawn in MSpaint by mouse. Original head and shoulder from Ranna

My new fan object. Marce of Tales of the Ocean. EDIT: Not requested by SS, I just made this out of Marce-love intoxication.
Miria full body56 viewsMy OC for Seraphim's animated series "Tales of the Ocean" Please watch ^^

Based off of Sheena.
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