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Forsaken - Chapter 1118 viewsFirst chapter of my story. I think this story will be around three chapters or so. This story has no relation to any of my OC's. Its just a story in its own little world.
Forsaken - Chapter 288 viewsMaybe I'll make a cover page for it too.
Forsaken - Chapter 394 viewsA somewhat bigger role for Soren in this one.
Forsaken - Chapter 494 viewsAnd thats the last chapter.
Forsaken124 viewsA new fic I'm working on based roughly on Claymore. Soren was originally gonna be a main character but since I couldnt find any manga characters that resembled him, I just made him a minor char. Shiki is "Zero", Teresa from Claymore as herself and "Ichi", Rukia from BLEACH as "Ni", and Syaoran from Tsuabasa as "San". Song is Grind, Togainu no chi opening. Pictures arent cut that neatly.
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