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Love Found and Lost, an Eliwood+Ninian Oneshot514 viewsA oneshot focussed on Eliwood and Ninian from Fire Emblem 7. I wrote this in a partnership with a friend on deviantART named CrimsonVVings. He drew the picture, I typed this to accompany it. I'm not used to writing short drabbles like this so please review and let me know how I did.
FE& Coloured-Florina and Huey by Miyukitty911 viewsOne thing confuses me about Florina: is her Pegasus named Huey or Makar? I've heard it both ways? Could somebody clear that up? Credist to Miyukitty for this pic.2 comments
Florina by Autumn-Sacura1106 viewsA momumentally out-of-character Florina by Autumn-Sacura, from and Is that a flirty look on her face? Is she flicking her hair to expose the curves of her cheeks and neck? Is she revealing her legs? Is she, possibly, trying to attract male attention? THE WORLD HAS JUST SPUN 360 DEGRESS OF THE FACE OFF THE GALAXY!!
Pegasus sister's Christmas! by Autumn-Sacura1104 viewsYet another adorable pic by my dear friend Autumn-Sacura. When I found this on deviantART, I gave her a lengthy (and quite flattering) review as well as a suggestion to change the backdrop so that some falling snow could be drawn. This piece is by Autumn-Sacura and can be found at and, so give credit where it's due.
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