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Ranulf, Ike, and Boyd829 viewsSame artist who did that one pic of Stefan holding that rose. XD I like it!7 comments
Helluva Party by Cipher Lee2769 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called Booze, arm wrestling, best friends and cute girls. What more can one ask for? Aside from, of course, no hangovers in the morning. One thing though, my eyesight isn't perfect. Is that guy at the bar near Seth Cormag or Orson? I'm not sure, and I'd appreciate it if someone could clear that up.7 comments
Jorei is Lachius's younger "brother."89 viewsHe is a fighter. From of course Daein. He was an orphan at a young age. His family members live faraway from Daein... So Jill's family, The Fizzarts took him in as if he was their own. He grew a strong relationship with Lachius. I taught him how to use an axe. Remember Im 900 years old so my appearance shall never change. He sees me as a uncle figure Though thats pretty weird cause im dating Lachius. 3 comments
Tormod: Stop fighting! Part 1689 viewsIn most RPs and my personal fics, Sothe and Varin may be friends, but there can be a bit disagreements between the two. And Tormod would be the one to try to stop them.4 comments
fight cloud124 viewshorrible scan. sorry.
anyway. that's zero right there trying to stop them but gets ignored.
soldier-thief138 viewsa soldier and a thief duke it out5 comments
Fire Emblem Group Picture by Unknown1350 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called I can't read the Japanese lettering, so I don't know who the artist is.
The Greil Mercenaries by Unknown1937 viewsAn adorable pic I found on a French Fire Emblem site. Either the Mercenaries are celebrating a job well done or this is what it always looks like around meal time. Scary thought on the latter, eh?4 comments
Varin and Shadow Fox237 viewsThe two main characters of my short story. Varin travels around Tellius, after the fall of Ashnard with Shadow Fox's help and advices.4 comments
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