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Sephiroth Avatar31 viewsI realise that matching sig and avatar is a mortal sin, so I hope this isn't too similar to the Vincent sig.

I found a new effect to overuse now.
Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo, FFVII:AC1096 viewsThe villains of Final Fantasy VII: Advent children3 comments
Tifa Lockhart179 viewsSeriously, one of my greatest triumphs yet and this one took the most amount of editting. I'm working on Cloud so I'll probably have him in later or something. 2 comments
Vincent Valentine Sig86 viewsAh, it's been a while since I updated the gallery.

This is one of my favourite sigs to date. It was one of the hardest as well, and the fact that GIMP crashed while I was making it didn't help. >_<

I spent loads of time on the text for no good reason. I tried to stick a song lyric in, and I ended up just putting my name in.
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