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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cloud Strife279 viewsI'm starting to get back into Final Fantasy VII again! I couldn't remember how his costume went, so I made up some of it. XD My ideas for Fire Emblem sketches/comics have temporarily been exhausted. I'll post more soon sometime! XD;;6 comments
FFVII CC: Cloud Chibi + Chocobo104 views<333
Fire from the Skies21 viewsSchmeh, I felt like a follow-up to First Flight.

Yes, this is now a Final Fantasy fan-fic.
Final Fantasy XII: Prince Rasler94 viewsSketch depicting Prince Rasler Heios Nabradia from Final Fantasy XII. By the way, he's sitting on a wall.3 comments
Sephiroth Avatar31 viewsI realise that matching sig and avatar is a mortal sin, so I hope this isn't too similar to the Vincent sig.

I found a new effect to overuse now.
Cloud Sig31 viewsOne of my earlier sigs. This was pretty much the first time I got the hang of using custom brushes on GIMP. The render and text, however, didn't fare that well...
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Tifa Lockhart112 viewsTifa Lockart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. A quick sketch done in mechanical pencil (like all the others).6 comments
Vincent Valentine Sig86 viewsAh, it's been a while since I updated the gallery.

This is one of my favourite sigs to date. It was one of the hardest as well, and the fact that GIMP crashed while I was making it didn't help. >_<

I spent loads of time on the text for no good reason. I tried to stick a song lyric in, and I ended up just putting my name in.
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