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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 1642 viewsThis first chapter in what might evolve into a fan sequel to Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. Ike reflects on the war against Daein and the regained peace. However, he finds that his future is now at a crossroads. On the one hand, there are the Greil Mercenaries and, on the other, there is Elincia and the dream of peace between the Beorc and the Laguz. The enigmatic Sephiran, having foreseen that Ike has a still greater part to play in Tellius' future, for good or ill, works to guide Ike's path. Review please.1 comments
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2A531 viewsSephiran made a dangerous gamble in convincing Ike to remain involved in Crimea's goverenace and becoming Elincia's Prince Consort. He hopes this gamble will keep Ike on the side of good in the coming, inevitable conflict. The question is did Sephiran's gamble work? In this scenario, it backfires and Ike becomes the evil rather than destroying it. And the desperate effort to avert the rise of a new tyrant, namely an assassination attempt on Ike and his pregnant Queen Elincia, may plunge Tellius into war.2 comments
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2B503 viewsThe second, and probably preferrable, outcome of Sephiran's gamble. Ike is, once again, the hero (Yay!) as well as being Elincia's Prince Consort and a father. However, the evil that Sephiran anticipated has arisen: Begnion is now embroiled in a three way Civil War between the forces of two Nobles seeking to overthrow the Apostle and a faction of the Dark God's worshippers seeking to finish what Ashnard started. Ike must, once again, led the free people of Tellius in a battle for the future. This may set the stage for a full blown fan sequel depending on reviews so please comment.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cloud Strife279 viewsI'm starting to get back into Final Fantasy VII again! I couldn't remember how his costume went, so I made up some of it. XD My ideas for Fire Emblem sketches/comics have temporarily been exhausted. I'll post more soon sometime! XD;;6 comments
FFVII CC: Cloud Chibi + Chocobo104 views<333
Stefan and Mordecai1373 viewsI really love this picture. Found it on a japanese webpage to let's please give them credit.11 comments
fang54 viewssheiks wolf1 comments
Fang54 viewsSheik's pet wolf, Fang3 comments
fanart de limstella397 viewslimstella,bien que je l'aprécie pas tellement,je la trouve très jolie c'est un dessin que j'ai fait vite fait mais j'en suis assez fière =)
avatar de priscilla56 viewsun petit dessin fait quand j'arivais pas à gagner le chapitre 14(celui où on obtient priscilla)ensuite j'ai passé trois heures à trouver les feutres de la mème couleur1 comments
nino et erk54 viewssont pas trop mignons les deux petits mages?x3 je regardait le dialogue de soutien entre erk et louise où louise dit qu'erk ne faisait que lire avant et sonia qui a dit que nino avait un frère je pense que erk lui ressemble avec sa coupe au carré sont cro mignons tout les deux x3
Fire from the Skies21 viewsSchmeh, I felt like a follow-up to First Flight.

Yes, this is now a Final Fantasy fan-fic.
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