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Boyd's family and Ike202 viewsBoyd's brothers, Ike and the boys' mom (or Boyd gf, not sure).
Karla3769 viewsthis one is sooo good!!! credit to the artist.2 comments
Reggie and Ritchie82 viewsMy two new wolf OCs.
I take no credit for the drawing, but this is how I imagine them. ^^
They're suppose to be twins.
561 views2 comments
Another Teresa...86 viewsYuppers...Different pose, though...2 comments
Hector and Lyn, This is it? No contest! by Unknown2904 viewsI can picture it now.
Hector: Hey Lyn, I bet I can take down five of these guys first!
Lyn: A barrel of ale says I'll win.
Hector: Ale? You? That'll be a sight.
Lyn: What's that suppossed to mean?!
Hector: Oh, maybe...that you can't hold your liquor?
Lyn: WHAT?! I can too!
Hector: Ha, ha! No you can't.
Lyn: Yes I can!
Hector: Madwomen!
Lyn: Brute!
Hector: Lunatic!
Lyn: Oaf!
Eliwood (in distance): What am I going to do with those two?
Tactician: Keep score?
Eliwood: *Grumbles angrily*
Teresa.......Again.....37 viewsYep. Its obvious this was Isadora, but I turned it into Teresa. It should have bigger eyes, but I suck at that, so whatever. XD
469 views1 comments
picture1265 viewsI think it's... Nino and Lloyd? I'm not sure... credit to the artist.2 comments
Eirika and Ephraim901 viewscool pic, huh? credit to the artist.1 comments
Ashunera and the Zunanma891 viewsI saw this pic in an issue of Nintendo Power at one time (albiet the most recent issue). Credit to Serenes Forest (one of FE Online's affiliates) for being able to provide it.
A beginning of a long respite after a war.808 viewsApparently I found this picture at a link that was posted on Serenes Forest's forum. I get the feeling that this takes place soon after Nergal's defeat at the Dragon Gate, as they are both battle worn (I'd imagine it was a little long since they had to fight those morphs, and then, later the Fire Dragon) and Lyn is (most likely, even though her face is blocked) shown crying when she's hugging Hector. (Most likely relating to some events in Hector's Story, especially the Final Chapter.)

Credit to artist.
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