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City of Death by Anubisdeath1049 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called This pic, as far as I can tell, is of the FE8 crew in the Demon King's Temble. This pic is by Anubisdeath.
Ephraim n Tana by TheWindFish1012 viewsA pic by a dear friend of mine on deviantART, who did this pic at my personal request. I suggested that he draw a picture of one of Ephraim and Tana's stupid arguements, like when Tana blew up at him during their B Support. Thanks much to TheWindFish and credit to him for this pic.2 comments
Twins of Renais by Fate1098 viewsI've seen this pic here and on the Chinese Fire Emblem site called This remarkable piece was drawn by Fate, along with others.
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