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Rynali Elric113 viewsThe daughter of Owen and Lethe. I never really made Owen a last name so I just gave him Edward Elric's last name. She has an older brother and she's wielding the same sword Owen used to wield and she has the ribbon Lethe wears. Her branded mark is on her left eyelid. 4 comments
Owen "Neko"-las Elric19 viewsFEAR MY WIT

I'm not too sure if the Katakana is right. Romanji-wise, it says: Owan Nekorasu Eruriku...or something like that.
Senkou Elric107 viewsOwen and Lethe's older son. I really intended to just have a son but I wanted to make a girl with a squint. I didnt make him have a squint since I wanted to make him have the same eyes as Lethe. He's shorter than his sister so people usually say to him the famous FMA line "You're the older brother?" I don't know what the name means, it a background theme in elfen lied. He uses a "fist" weapon so its kind of like a claw but for beorc. 3 comments
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