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Love Found and Lost, an Eliwood+Ninian Oneshot514 viewsA oneshot focussed on Eliwood and Ninian from Fire Emblem 7. I wrote this in a partnership with a friend on deviantART named CrimsonVVings. He drew the picture, I typed this to accompany it. I'm not used to writing short drabbles like this so please review and let me know how I did.
Eliwood Headbutt419 viewsThe Infamous Zidane Headbut, Eliwood style....9 comments
Destinies Entertwined by Unknown996 viewsI found this piece on a french Fire Emblem site called I've long been fond of the Eliwood+Ninian pairing, and this piece's excellent detail and coloring does it justice. If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.1 comments
Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood559 viewsI think it's watercolored... It's areat... credit to the artist.2 comments
Eliwood, from Marquess to Poster-Boy by Unknown776 viewsI'm guessing this pic, from, was drawn before FE7 was released. The profile image of Eliwood in the lower right corner is a nice touch, as is the light and color used.
eliwood48 viewsa picture of eliwood riding his horse
Eliwood119 viewsPeople asked and I accidently sketched him. I hope I did well.4 comments
Eliwood Sketch160 viewsOld sketch featuring Eliwood.2 comments
Eliwood Sketch III119 viewsAnother sketch of Eliwood. XD4 comments
Eliwood Comic305 viewsFirst Fire Emblem comic I've ever drawn. Featuring Eliwood's love life.7 comments
EliwoodxNinian223 viewsAww... They look so cute together! I give credit to the artist!3 comments
The Ilian Ice Dragon thinking about the object of her affections. By: Anonymous130 viewsA well drawn pic of Eliwood and Ninian that I saw on photobucket. I'm guessing Ninian's thinking about what a life with Eliwood would be like. (Ahh. True love.)

Credit goes out to the artist.
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