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Lucy from Elfen Lied270 viewsI dont know why her face looks kinda swollen.
The horns shouldnt be too hard to see.
This is the picture I editted to make Naya.
Manga scene 1 - The Ultimate sacrifice224 viewsWARNING: DO NOT OPEN IF YOU'RE SQUEAMISH WITH GORE
This scene is based on an anime called 'Elfen Lied' I wouldn't recommend Elfen Lied to those who can't stand massive gore and nudity. This is actually a scene in a fic I'm currently writing. This will be removed if it upsets too many people. You read it right to left.
Transferred from notebook drawings.
Kyuubi55 viewsAnother Diclonus from Elfen Lied that I made up. She has three split personalities. One of them is like any ordinary girl which has the name Lucy, another one is a very innocent childish girl much like Chii from Chobits or Nyu from Elfen lied named Kyuu, the final one is her true personality but it is murderous and evil and it is called Kyuubi. She has nine of the invisible arms(called vectors) with one of them in her heart. 8 comments
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