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City of Death by Anubisdeath1049 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called This pic, as far as I can tell, is of the FE8 crew in the Demon King's Temble. This pic is by Anubisdeath.
Desperate Flight by Cang really1212 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called Easily the most talked about moment in FE8: the escape from besieged Renais. This was drawn by the impressive Cang really.2 comments
FE Eirika and Seth by igglypou958 viewsThis pic was done by igglypou, a friend of mine who's up and coming on deviantART. She's improved a great deal since I first made her acquaintance. I'm guessing that smirk of Seth's is suppossed to be slight embarrassment at losing to Eirika, I can't picture him grinning like that otherwise.4 comments
Seth x Eirika by Autumn-Sacura1048 viewsPerhaps the first pic by Autumn-Sacura that I ever saw. That she did this at all is strange, since she can't stand this pairing. She claims she was 'forced' to do it, and I had to ask VERY nicely before she'd put it on her deviantART page to fave. 2 comments
Twins of Renais by Fate1098 viewsI've seen this pic here and on the Chinese Fire Emblem site called This remarkable piece was drawn by Fate, along with others.
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