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Arin109 viewsArin is the younger of the Grace brothers. He is not as well cut out for mercenary work as Cody, and is quite a whiner. Although he seemes stupid at times he is actually quite intelligent. After being abducted by the insane alchemist Brownie, he is transfomed and forever loses the innocence of his child hod forever.7 comments
Cody78 viewsCody is Arin's older brother and mercenary partner. Cody can be very honest, even about stuff no one else wants to know about. He is not very confident and thinks of himself as worse than he actually is. He has a crush on Natalie 1 comments
Jacob85 viewsJacob is a very skinny giant form somewhere in the East. He joins up wiith Natalie beacause he has absolutly nothing better to do. Easily bored, shallow, but dependable and sometimes quite funny. An expert hacker1 comments
Justin80 viewsJustin is a drop out from the mountainveiw mages school, which is where he met Arin, Ben and Victor. Justin is very careless and not very bright in the least, he develops a crush on almost any girl he sees, including Natalie, whom he joins up with. He has one or two very useful skills, which include surfing, hot wiring hover vehicles and relating with hippies. Many believe that this does not exuse his extreme penchant for getting himself and others into deep trouble.4 comments
Luke97 viewsLuke is Natalie's second youngest brother, and her squire. Idealistic, headstrong, and loyal to a fault he often charges into things without thinking, often picking fights with enemies twice his size.6 comments
Matthew84 viewsMatthew is Natalie's kid brother, the only one who had no training as a magic knight. He is slightly crazy, some times being hysterical with laughter over his own antics, or depressed and sullen when he is having a bad day. Part of his oddities may be blamed on his carrer as an actor, where he works for a tyrannical psychopath of a director, Mr. Littlefoot.1 comments
Napoleon112 viewsNapoleon is an Areo prince who was exiled from the Areo Empire for plotting the overthrow of his grandfather, emporor Wellington XI. Egotistical, power-crazed and plauged with delusions of granduer, he plots to create his own Empire in the land of eight lords. His only follower is his loyal bodygaurd, Faramir.13 comments
Natalie57 viewsA loyal magic knight, Natalie is a direct member house Erberich, Natalie's life is changed forever as she is assigned as parole officer to two young mecenaries and a rouge Areo prince. Very competitive and protective, as well as being better than most men at sword fighting.1 comments
Natalie54 viewsI've revised Natalie, this is more how she is supposed to look.1 comments
Trevor67 viewsTrevor is the heir apperant to the throne of house Erberich. As the head of the magic knight council, he weilds considerable influence among the eight lord. His father, Bishop Brian is the head of the Systematic church in Baker. Natalie considers Trevor one of her main mentors, and his cool head and peacemaking ways make him well loved by all. 1 comments
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