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Edward the Dirty Cop84 views"Y'under arrest for stealin' m'heart."5 comments
Edward1059 views
Luke, Mangatsu & Edward52 viewsLuke gives a seriously disturbing warning after he was attacked by Dyrell, who killed a friend of his.2 comments
MangatsuxEdward85 viewsThis happens after Ranulf dumps her and she became lonely. If you ask why this couldn't be Sam, it's because he's with Althea.10 comments
MangatsuxEdward 265 viewsThis is where Edward was about to kiss her.5 comments
Sai, Mangatsu & Edward49 viewsHearing of the rumors about Dyrell trying to kill off women, Mangatsu became frightened and hopes she's not next. Sai was there because me, Dreamaway and Blacklisted did a group RP. I'll upload the convo later after the next pic.2 comments
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