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Chiki (hi-res)716 views5 comments
Children of Destiny by Leaf938 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called This adorable piece was drawn by Leaf. Don't those puppy eyes Nils has make him look just precious?
Destinies Entertwined by Unknown996 viewsI found this piece on a french Fire Emblem site called I've long been fond of the Eliwood+Ninian pairing, and this piece's excellent detail and coloring does it justice. If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.1 comments
Eliwood and Ninian, Love and Destiny go hand-in-hand by Unknown1007 viewsI've seen this picture many times, but the name of the artist remains a mystery to me. If anyone knows who it is, please tell me.
Eliwood and Ninian, across the threshold by Rock lumen1969 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called I'm beginning to wonder if Rock lumen is a fan of Picasso. Both of them seem to have their Blue Period. Heh, heh.3 comments
Eliwood x Ninian by Autumn-Sacura1222 viewsOf all the works by Autumn-Sacura that I've seen, this is probably my favorite. The way she's captured Ninian's pose and dress (not to mention that I'd-be-blushing-hard-if-this-wasn't-grayscale expression Ninian's wearing) is masterful. Autumn-Sacura does a lot of fan art, from various sources, on deviantART and FanArt-Central, so visit if you like this.
Idun - The Dark Priestess. By: Anonymous.401 viewsEven though I found this picture on Photobucket, this picture of Idun seems to be from the same artist of those pictures that Aura Knight found on some french FE sites. I really like how the artist drew her.

I'm just as confused as Aura Knight is on who the artist is. But despite that, credit, like always, is given to the artist.
Fae and Idun. By: Anonymous490 viewsA picture that I came across when browsing on Photobucket. Most definitely based on that event in the epilogue of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. I really do imagine the two forming a strong friendship. Definitely one of the best Fae and Idun pics that I have ever seen.

Credit to artist.
Nintendo Media Summit 2008 English Screen74 viewsEnglish title screen.
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