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Cast249 viewshere's some peoples from the cast, see if you can name them all!1 comments
FE 10 Comic 11606 viewsFound this on a JP webpage! It's older Sothe, and that new girl.9 comments
Chapter 2 opening250 viewsThe opening page for chapter 2 :P5 comments
Trisha and Soren Support Comic409 viewsJust two pages. I was drawing this while comming up with their A support. Second page will be posted soon. I have the colored version of this as well. :D5 comments
Uta no Shizuka205 viewsthis is the opening page for my doujinshi
after some page re-doings and some re-sizing
i'll submit my first page of the doujinshi
some of the FE charries making an entrance?
Canas [wife and son too suggestions for names would be appreciated]
Nino, Sain, Serra, Erk, Lucius,Legault and some other made-up characters
So, i don't know If I'll color the doujinshi pages or not...what do you think?
Uta no Shizuka pg. 1432 here I start...I'll upload character profiles a bit later, Bunny's first. Not all the pages are going to be colored, sorry.
I suck with photoshop...well sorta. I'm still getting better.
If you have trouble reading it, tell me and I'll comment back on every word that's on the page.
and yes...i like Blue...and green...
uta no shizuka pg.2275 viewshurrah! page numero 2!
this is much different from the original rough draft.
but...I like how it turned's a bit more serious than the draft, but it's still good
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