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Bloodseeker from Dota26 viewsDrawn in careers class, Not even gonna both typing in his real name. Can't remember it.

The fangs are different in every pic since I couldnt decide what I wanted. My friend's main char overall.
Nevermore the Shadow Fiend from DotA63 viewsdrawn in career's class

Wasted a whole lead on this. Just felt like scribbling something random. My main char for Scourge side
Rylai Crestfall the Crystal Maiden from DotA115 viewsdrawn during Career's class

What I think she looks like in DotA. Dunno why I drew her, I've only played as her once.
Visage the Netherdrake from DotA44 viewsDrawn during Career's class

My interpretation of the Netherdrake. I also threw in a bit of the "Serpent night dragon" from Yu-Gi-Oh into it. My friend's main char on scourge side
Lina Inverse from DotA28 viewsDrawn in Career's class

My interpretation of Lina Inverse from DotA. Also, my Main char when I'm on Sentinnel side.
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