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Bells for her by Innes Estel982 viewsA fine pic done by Innes Estel, another friend from deviantART. I have a softspot for mismatched pairings and what could fit the bill better than the Gambler and the Cleric?
Donna40 viewsDonna is Marsus's wife. Although she has no military training she is a decent magic user. Queit and Intelligent.3 comments
Don Kanoji from BLEACH66 views*Crosses arms over chest* Bohahahahahahaha...haha...ha. For those who don't know who this is, I'm sorry you had to see this^^;2 comments
:)730 viewsI love this... credit to the artist.3 comments
Guy457 viewsan awsome picture of Guy... credit to the artist.
FE Mia and Rhys by igglypou967 viewsStill another request done for me by igglypou. Generous, isn't she? Considering that she hasn't played Path of Radiance, this is pretty good. Some of the return comments on DA suprised both me and her, people say she made Rhys look hot. Like I said, that was a suprise.2 comments
Fire Emblem 8 scene by treijim1532 viewsA fanart rendition of one of Sacred Stones' CGs. Rather good in my opinion.2 comments
Helluva Party by Cipher Lee2769 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called Booze, arm wrestling, best friends and cute girls. What more can one ask for? Aside from, of course, no hangovers in the morning. One thing though, my eyesight isn't perfect. Is that guy at the bar near Seth Cormag or Orson? I'm not sure, and I'd appreciate it if someone could clear that up.7 comments
Joshua X Natasha by Autumn-Sacura1064 viewsA pic by the famed Autumn-Sacura. Joshua and Natasha were one of the funnier pairs in Sacred Stones. We're in the middle of a battle, with arrows and spears flying to our left and right and Joshua wants to have a coin toss? It was so preposterous that I burst out laughing.
Myrmidon Lucy329 viewsmade for the TTMFE

editted off Marisa sheet
Sprites I Made865 viewsThese where fun but hard to make. I hope you like them!

Like it says, these are not like the originals because it is a GIF. file instead of Bitmap. If used, give me credit! :)
Rhys the Bronze Ranger and Mia, the Hyper One.357 viewsWed in marriage and had a daughter. 3 comments
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