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Dion Chang40 viewsPicture of Kyouya from Ouran Host club

Dion Chang, Gamma's landlord. He's a very uptight guy and has a very blunt sense of humour. He usually gets really pissed off when Gamma cant pay his rent and uses a stupid excuse to try and get out of paying. He doesnt have any friends so he considers Gamma to be his friend.
Dion Tribute43 viewsPictures of Kyouya from Ouran Host club

Just this little random thing I made up expressing a few of Dion's "skills"
Dion cosplaying as Byakuya from BLEACH65 viewsgood ole Byakuya.

Screwed up the scarf colour though.
Dion's profile47 viewshis class is rather complicated but basically, his base class is axe knight, meaning he can become a paladin if he promotes. He has no horse though and he can only equip pole axes. His skill with pole axes negates all bad effects, suchs as weight, from the pole axe so in battle against someone who's not on a horse, itll do damage similar to regular axes. He can also use heal staves and he has a high resistance to magic.
Halloween Dion61 viewsDion as Kiriwar

Damn, body's too big, head's too small and I didnt feel like making another body. Head position was also off. Oh well. Next up: Relena as Gunzi, then maybe Akira
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