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Deneve Asagara, normal view176 viewsMain char in my fic, Nekomusume no chi.

She first uses a dagger to fight, then a white hilted sword, then just a plain bokuto, and then knuckle claws.
Theme song: SOS - Rhianna
Deneve Asagawa, angry view178 viewsthe main character in my fic.
Deneve GBA expressions168 viewsI might work on Dion, I'm not that sure. 1 comments
Deneve60 viewsPicture editted off Meer Campbell from Gundam seed destiny. Storyline based off Nami's from One piece.

Deneve, a dancer that stole, cheated, and sold herself so she could get money to buy back her village that was plagued by pirates. Before she could get all the money needed, the pirates sent military men to steal it. When her whole village decided to rebel against the pirates and Deneve couldnt stop them. She tried to suicide but Gamma stopped her and was able to kill the pirates and save the village.
Deneve profile65 viewspictures from Meer Campbell from Gundam Seed Destiny

Gypsy class is basically dancer with more luck, speed, and resistance, the ability to use two daggers at once, and the theiving abilities(Steal, etc)
Deneve sheet258 viewsBasically just an editted Ninian sprite sheet. I probably wont make her an FE9 headshot since Im gonna make her an FE10 headshot when the FE10 stuff comes out. I'll make her a GBA headshot though. 3 comments
"What have I done..."206 viewsSpliced and editted off Togainu no chi CG's in MSpaint and Twistedbrush

A scene in my TNC fic between Alliot on the left and Deneve on the right.
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