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Chapter 6: The Death Dealer22 viewsProbably K13+ since theres blood, violence, and really mild language.
Any time is good for Death Note72 viewsI made this a really long time ago. 3 comments
Hector and Uther75 viewsAt their parents funeral
Legault and Jaffar44 views"So we meet again, Angel of Death"
Without Remorse II165 viewsKariudo's third form again. Assassin modes. <_<11 comments
Without Remorse III81 viewsKariudo's fourth form.2 comments
Without Remorse83 viewsKariudo's third form, complete with gun, katana, and cybersword. XD I like drawing him this way; maybe I'll move on to the fourth form sometime later.1 comments
OC deaths26 viewsiunno, felt like typin' it up.

I feel like ive forgotten someone.
Rai's death38 viewsContains violence and an extremely angsty, tragic, and overdramatic ending.

This happens before Kanda's death, just to clear things up. You'll probably need to read the two to make it make sense.
Death Lucy70 viewsI didnt make this pic.

Eh, I really didnt intend this to be Lucy at the start but I couldn't find any other character to relate this to. It was gonna be my new character Ara because of the outfit but Ara's hair is short. I guess this is the form Lucy takes when she integrates with a shinigami/death god.
Wrong Turn75 viewsA random comic that I just made. It introduces Andrew's best friend, Chaos. No one knows his true alias, not even himself, so he goes by the name Chaos.3 comments
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