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Short Comic1546 viewsAnother Comic. Hee hee, I find this funny. I think it has to do with Soren's mark.13 comments
Comic1172 viewsI found this comic pretty funny. It's by the same artist who did the Soren and Stefan one. Sucks I can't read Japanese. But I'm taking that class in my third yeaer.6 comments
That's not in the script!608 viewsmy first Fire Emblem comic. It's not that great but I wanted to give it a try.20 comments
Welcome to my comics!789 viewsJust a little introduction to comics I am making on the computer.19 comments
Another Sig Request29 viewsFrom my store at Psypoke. As the writing says, it's a Megatokyo-themed signature.

Not the best of works, but it shows how with a bit of blurring and desaturisation, you can get renders to look decent!
Back to the past - Part 1206 viewsI wanted to use Mariko so I'm making this comic where Mariko, Lucy's daughter, comes back to warn Lucy about something. I actually thought up a whole story for it but it's kinda boring since theres no action or comedy and I don't want to type it up. People will get this more if they read most of Kieran's convos. I had to save it to GIF so the quality is scratched. 5 comments
Mistletoe plan I284 viewsI know Christmas is over, but to me, Christmas is everyday in December! XD
Yeah, as the title states, Varin asked helped from Sothe and Tormod with something. ^^ Thanks to Blacklisted for the headshots! Thanks a ton! :D
RP Comic93 viewsAh my friend Tabitha did an short random RP a while back. Oh, that's Fatima right there with Trish. ^^ I drew this as I was reading the logs.6 comments
Shade/Kaltz x Naya mini comic163 viewsthis is how their relationship is like most of the time. ^^; I'm so happy I finally finished it. ^^ dumb scanner didn't scan it straight. D:4 comments
Support Bonuses271 viewsThis is a sprite comic I made with a character I made up called Owen and Kieran. I'm working on the humour since no one I first showed it to really gets it. 2 comments
Laziness598 viewsA really early sprite comic I made before I started sprite editting. The female sprite is a stalker class, the middle one is an assassin cross class, and the final one is a sniper class.
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