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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cloud Strife279 viewsI'm starting to get back into Final Fantasy VII again! I couldn't remember how his costume went, so I made up some of it. XD My ideas for Fire Emblem sketches/comics have temporarily been exhausted. I'll post more soon sometime! XD;;6 comments
FFVII CC: Cloud Chibi + Chocobo104 views<333
Cloud415 viewsEh...not one of my favourite shots. The hairstyle turned out okay but I just don't really like it. 12 comments
fight cloud124 viewshorrible scan. sorry.
anyway. that's zero right there trying to stop them but gets ignored.
Cloud Sig31 viewsOne of my earlier sigs. This was pretty much the first time I got the hang of using custom brushes on GIMP. The render and text, however, didn't fare that well...
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