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Helen from claymore/Relena66 viewsOne of my absolute favourite heads ever. The bangs were pure custom and the colour dye on the hair turned out perfect. Armor's screwed though.

Helen from Claymore or Relena, I'm using Helen's pics for Relena anyway.
Alice of the West, my Claymore OC64 viewsBased off of Priscilla from the manga Claymore, which I'm pretty sure none of you have read.

I'll probably colour this with pencil crayons since colouring it with MSpaint is gonna take like...forever.
Alice of the west, coloured66 viewsOut of proportion but I still like how it turned out. If I had wings, I definitely want wings that look like that. To people, I recommend you read Claymore if you're into violence and a good storyline. The anime is pretty good too.

Her story: The third strongest "Voracious Eater" with a sword that can extend. Her human form is a girl named Deneve(Yeah, I love that name).
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