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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Christmas128 viewsHappy Holidays from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn ^^
Christmas Darc & Lute141 viewsAwww, ain't that cute! I showed this to one of my friends who happens to be Darc and he thought it was cute, too. I just like the mistletoe on Lute's headband =^^=3 comments
On the first day of Christmas...178 viewsOkay, I'm a little late with these day things so I'll try to make a whole lot of them at once.

I didnt feel like finding a bird so I just made a low-tech one. The "True love" part has been changed to avoid....issues.
On the tenth day of Christmas....164 viewsThanks to Dreamaway for finding the drumming sprite

Both Lucy and Sai are amazed that Owen actually did something right.
On the Eleventh day of Christmas.....189 viewsIn sprite form, featuring Rosa(Dark_Flame91), Tamera((Tamera), Kris(Dreamaway), Lucy and Naya(Mine), Mangatsu(Princess_Mangatsu_Gallia), Nina(Amethyst), Zephry(Jaffar_4_ever), Ranna(Ranna), and Mariko(Mine) 4 comments
On the twelfth day of Christmas.....201 viewsI was gonna use the lord clases like Ike and stuff but since I didn't wanna make a sprite version and Ike is only one lord, I just changed it to royalty and stuff.

And thats the end of that. Happy Holidays Feonline.
On the second day of Christmas...141 viewsYeah, I still don't know what a turtle dove is....3 comments
On the third day of Christmas...151 viewsI didn't know what to do for this one. The only thing I really remember is that a french hen is about Five dollars. 4 comments
On the fourth day of Christmas...141 viewsI read somewhere that its actually something like "Four Colly Birds" whatever that means...1 comments
On the fifth day of Christmas...137 viewsWell, he's got two rings so far. 1 comments
On the sixth day of Christmas...134 viewsEh, I ran out of ideas for this one. 2 comments
On the seventh day of Christmas....129 viewsI ran into a problem with this one since I couldn't find any backgrounds with water, so I just changed the whole thing. 1 comments
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