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Choji in Phoenix Wright form59 viewsrequested by Choji Warrior

I couldnt find a splice for "Music lives" but if you find a site or sheet with "Objection text", I'll make it for you.
Choji's request76 viewsI think I got most of what you wanted from the GBA headshot. I had to customize the bottom part with a belt though. 1 comments
Choji official art142 viewsAlright, I dyed it to a red and the skin colour was as close as I could get to african american skin colour. 5 comments
My Cousin, Garuda despite her appearance and name, she is a force to be reckoned with.113 viewsShe apparently had no feelings for her country. Killing everyone in my country except me. She appears in the Stoicheion storyline Blacklisted is making.5 comments
Young Choji, Sophie, Neimi's parents.54 viewsChoji and Sophie were the best of friends later on it became even more and got married in the Lorca tribe.
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