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Chapter 2: The Queen Blacklisted360 viewsThis story is basically a chapter where all the characters I've made up are talking in their 'base'. No graphic violence so this chapter could probably be rated K.
Chapter 2: The Queen Blacklisted35 viewsbetter format, easier to read. 1 comments
Chapter 3: Frozen Medium332 viewsdeath and gore near the end of the chapter. Mostly a chapter about background information on Blacklisted. Next chapter will hopefully have more action. I'd probably rate this K10+ since there's a gore detail near the end. 1 comments
Chapter 3: Frozen Medium23 viewsThe text is more organized in this one so its easier to read.
Chapter 4: The Long range reaper320 viewsNo violence so this would probably be rated K. Most of the history I made up. There's a reference to FMA alchemy here. I changed the typing style so itll be easier to read.
Chapter 6: The Death Dealer22 viewsProbably K13+ since theres blood, violence, and really mild language.
Chapter 7: Thousand Storms23 viewsThis is the last chapter before the epilogue. Not much to say except for blood, violence, and romance.
Chapter 1: The Messenger34 viewsBetter format, etc1 comments
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