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Deryk32 viewsDeryk is a loyal knight in the service of Erik if he's a lord, or a random knight in some random army if he's not. He's clumsy, but dedicated, and tries his hardest at his job. His mount, Sorrel, is playful and often throws him off into piles of dung, mud, or a dirty lake.
Amelia ready to scrap by Unknown773 viewsAnother gem from If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.
Cute Amelia by Unknown779 viewsI found this gem on the French site The introduction of trainee units (Ross, Amelia and Ewan) made the game pretty tricky since training them was a delicate process. At least, it was difficult BEFORE I discovered the Action Replay.
Amelia by marimbamonkey14834 viewsThis pic was done by marimbamonkey14, a friend from deviantART. I can't get enough of his work, the way he handles the colors and body forms. Besides, Amelia's official art is kinda creepy. Makes her look too much like a hyperactive fangirl
Jist_Stinks Russian Cavalier, OC Anya.169 viewsShe hails from Crimea. Her rival is Pasha. Her childhood friend. And ex-boyfriend. O_O Can anyone guess what bases did I use for her? She happens to be fighting against Faina.4 comments
FE Amelia and Franz by iggloypou798 viewsAnother pic by the up and coming igglypou from deviantART. This pic was done at my personal request, and many thanks to the artist.
Serra's brother. He hails from of course Ostia.73 viewsSerra's brother Sartan, he is masked because something happened to his face besides the scar. He's very knowledgable as well as his annoyingly cute sister. 4 comments
Kent1127 viewsan awsome sketch of Kent... credit to the artist.3 comments
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