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The REAL Samba120 viewsQuite a resemblance to my Beast Tribe character, eh? He's sitting on the floor of the pit I call a room :P No bandanna or wristbands, unfortunately. He gets pissed when I try to put anything on him.9 comments
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 1642 viewsThis first chapter in what might evolve into a fan sequel to Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. Ike reflects on the war against Daein and the regained peace. However, he finds that his future is now at a crossroads. On the one hand, there are the Greil Mercenaries and, on the other, there is Elincia and the dream of peace between the Beorc and the Laguz. The enigmatic Sephiran, having foreseen that Ike has a still greater part to play in Tellius' future, for good or ill, works to guide Ike's path. Review please.1 comments
fire emblem Human VS laguz by fire-a1019 viewsAnother capture from Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn. The movies from this game, available on YouTube, look increadible. I want this game!3 comments
Fire Emblem Collage by Unknown1452 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called Does anyone know the artist?3 comments
Fire Emblem Group Picture by Unknown1350 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called I can't read the Japanese lettering, so I don't know who the artist is.
Fire Emblem Team by Unknown.1585 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called There seems to be a url or signature there, but I can't read it. If anyone knows the artist (or has better eyes than mine) please tell me.
He's making a list and checking it twice by Cipher Lee1382 viewsLet me put it this way: you better have been nice this year. I'm almost afraid to ask, but could this be one of the cultural outreach programs that King Caineghis and King Ramon (and later Queen Elincia) have devised to promote better Laguz/Beorc relations? If so, I don't even want to think about how they talked Lethe into it. Or how Mordecai is going to get down and back up all those chimneys. Another jewel by the great Cipher Lee, this was found on
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