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Sayu152 viewsI'm changing Sayu's hair to pink in the light and red in the dark. Makes it so I dont have to edit the Anemone pictures.

I intended for this to be blood but in the real anime scene, she's eating jam.
Promoted Blood Knight58 viewsThe promotion of my blood knight.
Bloodlust/vampire Lucy82 viewsI did not draw these pics

If Lucy's blood is warped into vampiric blood, she'll lose her mind and gain the strength unlike the spirit form where she'll only gain the strength.
Bloodthirst108 viewsWhen I draw stuff like this, it means I've been totally pissed off today. Remember that. Anyway, I just thought up an idea of Mangatsu being a fugitive of Jehanna for murdering Gerik and his Mercenaries. Jehanna's soldiers are still looking around.
Bloodseeker from Dota25 viewsDrawn in careers class, Not even gonna both typing in his real name. Can't remember it.

The fangs are different in every pic since I couldnt decide what I wanted. My friend's main char overall.
Bloodknight76 viewsA little splice I made in about 5 minutes.2 comments
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