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Hector and Lyn, This is it? No contest! by Unknown2904 viewsI can picture it now.
Hector: Hey Lyn, I bet I can take down five of these guys first!
Lyn: A barrel of ale says I'll win.
Hector: Ale? You? That'll be a sight.
Lyn: What's that suppossed to mean?!
Hector: Oh, maybe...that you can't hold your liquor?
Lyn: WHAT?! I can too!
Hector: Ha, ha! No you can't.
Lyn: Yes I can!
Hector: Madwomen!
Lyn: Brute!
Hector: Lunatic!
Lyn: Oaf!
Eliwood (in distance): What am I going to do with those two?
Tactician: Keep score?
Eliwood: *Grumbles angrily*
A beginning of a long respite after a war.808 viewsApparently I found this picture at a link that was posted on Serenes Forest's forum. I get the feeling that this takes place soon after Nergal's defeat at the Dragon Gate, as they are both battle worn (I'd imagine it was a little long since they had to fight those morphs, and then, later the Fire Dragon) and Lyn is (most likely, even though her face is blocked) shown crying when she's hugging Hector. (Most likely relating to some events in Hector's Story, especially the Final Chapter.)

Credit to artist.
Love Found and Lost, an Eliwood+Ninian Oneshot514 viewsA oneshot focussed on Eliwood and Ninian from Fire Emblem 7. I wrote this in a partnership with a friend on deviantART named CrimsonVVings. He drew the picture, I typed this to accompany it. I'm not used to writing short drabbles like this so please review and let me know how I did.
Beauty by Psalms1260 viewsHector and Lyn are my second favorite FE7 pairing. I've always been partial to sticking the hotheads together. They might mellow each other out. Or kill each other, whichever comes first. Psalms in at FanArt-Central so please go there if you like this.
Eliwood's and Lyn's Final Chapter conversation (Hector's Story)350 viewsA conversation that occurs between Eliwood and Lyn during the Final Chapter, regardless of the supports.

Idun - The Dark Priestess. By: Anonymous.401 viewsEven though I found this picture on Photobucket, this picture of Idun seems to be from the same artist of those pictures that Aura Knight found on some french FE sites. I really like how the artist drew her.

I'm just as confused as Aura Knight is on who the artist is. But despite that, credit, like always, is given to the artist.
Fae and Idun. By: Anonymous490 viewsA picture that I came across when browsing on Photobucket. Most definitely based on that event in the epilogue of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. I really do imagine the two forming a strong friendship. Definitely one of the best Fae and Idun pics that I have ever seen.

Credit to artist.
FE-Rekka no Ken-HectorxLyn by shinjyu1340 viewsThis pic was done by shinjyu on deviantART. Hector and Lyn are, probably, my second favorite pairing in FE7. I can't wonder if Lyn is crying, as she appears to be in this picture, over her Grandfather's death. Or, for that matter, if the artist was alluding to the conversation Hector and Lyn had on Fargus' ship about the massacre of her tribe. Much like then, Hector has positioned himself so that he can't see her tears.2 comments
FE Lyndis by igglypou898 viewsThis was the pic by igglypou that caught my eye. I took a look and said 'this deviant has potential.' I gave her a list of ideas to do as requests and she had a ball with them.2 comments
Fire Emblem Lords by marimbamonkey141052 viewsAgain, marimbamonkey14 delivers. Has anybody noticed that pics that depict the three lords together are somewhat uncommon? Well, credit to the artist.
Hector+Lyn, fooling around by Unknown1122 viewsI found this piece on a french Fire Emblem site called Remember when Eliwood and Ninian were talking in Bern, when she said Eliwood was grumbling like he was Hector and Lyn's father or chaperone? For some, strange reason, this pic brought that funny talk to mind.3 comments
Hector and Lyn, a respite from endless battles by Unknown1200 viewsI found this piece on a french Fire Emblem site called I can't help but wonder if this is suppossed to take place in Sacae after Fe7. I really like the careful detail and coloring that went into this pic. If anyone knows who drew it, please let me know.
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