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Me in Phoenix Wright form54 viewsI dont actually have a sweater that says "DotA" on it but I would kill to get one.
My own face sheet209 viewsI love Lucius's hair ^^

I'll probably make a sprite sheet after i figure out what sprite to use.
Chapter 2: The Queen Blacklisted360 viewsThis story is basically a chapter where all the characters I've made up are talking in their 'base'. No graphic violence so this chapter could probably be rated K.
Chapter 2: The Queen Blacklisted35 viewsbetter format, easier to read. 1 comments
Havoc and Dreamaway versus Russel and Blacklisted73 viewsThis came from that argument we both had on an IM. Well, it wasn't an arguement, we just kept typing Havoc and Russel in caps. Sheska was requested my Dreamaway to be her pic. I think I look like Rukia but my friend told me I'm not even close. So I told him to, Alright, nevermind. On with the animated pic. 7 comments
Pokemon Battle!!118 viewsBlacklisted and I were talking about Pokemon, so this gives me an idea. This contains one special ingredient to the comic: mindless violence.5 comments
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