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A Spy's Lament, a Cleric's Hope by Romania demon1091 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called I've always been bowled over laughing by the Supports between Matthew and Serra. Though I can't help but wonder how the self-centered (and borderline psychotic) Serra would help Matthew ease the pain of Leila's death.
Bells for her by Innes Estel982 viewsA fine pic done by Innes Estel, another friend from deviantART. I have a softspot for mismatched pairings and what could fit the bill better than the Gambler and the Cleric?
Bishop Rhys374 viewsI forgot what Rhys's colours were for his Bishop class so I just made if mostly blue. 2 comments
:)730 viewsI love this... credit to the artist.3 comments
FE Mia and Rhys by igglypou967 viewsStill another request done for me by igglypou. Generous, isn't she? Considering that she hasn't played Path of Radiance, this is pretty good. Some of the return comments on DA suprised both me and her, people say she made Rhys look hot. Like I said, that was a suprise.2 comments
Rhys by *Autumn-Sacura833 viewsThis is a magnificent line-art done by Autumn-Sacura, an old and dear friend from deviantART. I know of other pics by her and will be adding them presently.1 comments
The Greil Mercenaries by Unknown1937 viewsAn adorable pic I found on a French Fire Emblem site. Either the Mercenaries are celebrating a job well done or this is what it always looks like around meal time. Scary thought on the latter, eh?4 comments
Rhys (doll)105 viewsOkay I found a website that lets you make these dolls. so one day I was bored and decided to make Path of Radiance dolls! They aren't that good but I had fun trying this. The website is This is one of the healers of the game Rhys.
Zeke Tanas, and Lachius Rizzacini, cousin to Jill Fizzart.105 viewsThese two are my OCs from True Mirror Forums FE RP there. Apparently Lachius got separated from her group who were protecting Elincia. She vows never again to lose a love one or ally. She goes to Daein where her boyfriend Choji is right now with his sister, and two laguz brothers. Though she took the wrong road and ended up in Begnion. There she met the current Duke Tanas, who goes by the name of Zeke. Please do not look into HIS eyes. He hates that kind of thing. Though he is a bishop, he joins Lachius. 3 comments
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