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Bunny's battle gear240 viewsI was entertaining the thought of two classes that don't appear in FE, so I made them up, and put Bunny in some funky costumes.
The first fights with a whip
the second fights with her fists
fun isn't it?
Battle Fever547 viewsRhys is getting worried about Titania's newfound recklessness. Is she trying too hard to protect the ones she loves? oneshot COMPLETE4 comments
epic battle138 viewsa long battle between many people. who actually wins? the world may never know.2 comments
Mewtwo battle animation210 viewsJust some random thing I put together. I wanted to see how all the attacks turned out. 1 comments
Kagesuke Battle Sprite416 viewsA character I created. She has blue aura wings, an inferno dagger, and a glacial dagger. Her story is that she's the twin of Uchiha Sasuke. She also has the sharingan
Paulina Battle Sprite361 viewsA battle sprite I made for my friend. She has a flail in one hand and a 'Blood property' axe. She can summon 'aura wolves'.
Sasuke Battle Sprite739 viewsFeaturing, Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto in a battle costume in my style. He has one inferno dagger, one glacier dagger, and blue aura wings. If you look closely, you'll see the sharingan.1 comments
Andre Battle Sprite352 viewsThis sprite is the younger version of Andre. He has black aura wings, a silver gun, and a knife. It's in the picture but it's hard to see.
Terra Battle Sprite357 viewsA battle sprite for Terra from Teen titans. She uses pieces of earth and numchucks as her weapons.
Aaron Battle Sprite323 viewsThis is a sprite based on Haku in Naruto. He has an ice aura, needles, and a kunai.
Sakura Battle Sprite382 viewsHaruno Sakura from Naruto in a battle costume. She uses a whip and has shurikens hidden in the long sleeve-like things. Those pink things next to her are supposed to be Sakura blossoms.
Yuriko Battle Sprite319 viewsThis is the younger version of Yuriko. Out of every battle sprite I made, she's the only one that's in red. She uses a 'theif dagger' from FFX-2 and a mage staff.
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