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KieranxLucy Banner216 viewsI didn't draw Kieran. I give credit to whoever did draw Kieran. The picture of Lucy is a picture of Misa from Death note. This banner follows a game idea I made. Kieran and Lucy are both out. If Kieran is about to die, he will lose the ability to attack but he can't be damaged because Lucy is using spirits to protect him. She will then become "Other" and rush over to heal him. Until he is healed, she'll remain "other". If Kieran stands next to Lucy, she can move twice.1 comments
Daein high council banner38 viewsJust a simple banner thing with all of them on it.
MangatsuxRanulf Banner122 viewsA request from Princess_Mangatsu_Gallia

I can change the text since I kept the base copy of the banner.
Revised RanulfxMangatsu banner112 viewsI centred the text at the bottom since the text at the top is larger than before.

I forgot my writing at school so I couldn't work on the rest of my homework.
Misa Banner26 viewsMy sis requested this.

I'm not sure why she wanted Misa when Lucy from Elfen Lied is definitely way better, in my opinion.
"Come to the dark side..."155 viewsA somewhat animated banner I made featuring Nano from Togainu no Chi. 2 comments
NayaxSoren banner144 viewsI didn't draw those pictures of Soren. I found them on Deviantart and on Tamera's FE pics. The pictures of Naya are actually pictures of Lucy from Elfen Lied. It's a new format so its kinda blurry. In the middle, theres a picture of Naya hugigng something, the original picture was Lucy hugging some kinda pattern thing so I just blurred it out. It's supposed to be Soren. 9 comments
Life of Naya: Banner171 viewsJust a banner related to Naya's life story. On the left is younger Naya, the right is older Naya, and the middle is her mother. If I could get another person with their back turned to the camera, I would've. Tifa is kinda too young and she doesnt seem like the type of person to marry Ashnard. Well, no one seems like the type of person to marry Ashnard. 6 comments
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