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Aruka Shirayuki88 viewsPictures from Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew.

A wolf Laguz girl that couldnt reunite with her tribe and was shunned from everyone else. She joined the Daein army and fell in love with Gamma but after Gamma left, she couldn't leave because she was afraid that she would be alone and shunned again.
Aruka GBA expressions237 viewsGBA headshots are so fun to make. You can practically do anything with them.

This one, definitely another personal fav.
Aruka/Ririn92 viewsThe outfit wasnt as accurate as I could get it and the custom ears are really bear-like instead of wolf like. Oh well, i like how this went together anyway.
Aruka profile58 viewsPictures of Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew

besides that, nothing else really.
Aruka official art142 viewsalright, this has taken me longer than anything has had before. It took me two-three hours and I still dont really like it. Couldnt think of any arm poses so I just stuck with stickin them out like that. 2 comments
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