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Andrew228 viewsThis is my FE character, Andrew. From what I've made so far, his personality is like Near's of Death Note, minus the sadistic part. *cough*semi-spoiler*cough*4 comments
Andre Gone Gangtsa!!!221 viewsI found this from quizilla a long time ago
This dude loox so much like Andre, it actually made him look like a sexy modern gangsta version (I'm now looking for a pic of Luke which is hard as hell)
Andre231 viewsA request from Princess_Mangatsu_Gallia

I'll work on the rest tomorrow. I have a little "Drawing block" but after I sleep, it should be done. If you want to change anything, I'll get to it after I finish the rest.
"Take this!"55 viewsOwen and Andre were caught spying on Luke and Lucy (not his sis)
Andre, Lucy & Unknown63 viewsLucy has an addiction to red-heads and called Andre cute. Unknown became really jealous.2 comments
Andre Battle Sprite352 viewsThis sprite is the younger version of Andre. He has black aura wings, a silver gun, and a knife. It's in the picture but it's hard to see.
Andre365 viewsHis story is that he was sent away when he was a child to an abusive family because he was a 'forbidden child'. Right after they sent him away, the family was massacred by Yuriko so he's the final surviving member of his family and a friend of Yuriko even though he is unaware that it was Yuriko who destroyed his family. His class is ninja.
Wrong Turn75 viewsA random comic that I just made. It introduces Andrew's best friend, Chaos. No one knows his true alias, not even himself, so he goes by the name Chaos.3 comments
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