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Alliot103 viewsMade for the TTMFE

Might convert this guy into a full time char. I like how he turned out in GBA form even though I just used recycled pieces of headshots.
Alliot Kazuki, normal mode189 viewsAnother main char from Nekomusume no chi

He's Deneve's best friend and is forced into the tournament "igura". He first uses a knife, then he takes Deneve's white hilted sword after she disappears, and then he takes Shiki's sword.
Alliot Kazuki, psycho mode245 viewsAnother main character in my fic

after he takes "line"
Theme song: Devil in a midnight mass - Billy Talent
"What have I done..."206 viewsSpliced and editted off Togainu no chi CG's in MSpaint and Twistedbrush

A scene in my TNC fic between Alliot on the left and Deneve on the right.
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