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Boyd & Mist 68 viewsPre-Valentines Day :)
Alan114 viewshes so cute! ♥
Line up Palen Evolution127 viewsDon't take the Title Literally XD These are just the sprites I have for Palen so far since I'm planning on doing at least two scenes for each of my Path of Radiance Chapters... o_0 I sorta have a ton of fun with this so... the work is worth it. x3
No178 viewsAnother thing I did for my Fanfic o.o This comes later in it... Well Ike's attire speaks for it's self... and well Palen... Well that takes more time to explain. XD 5 comments
Not for You147 viewsHrm... got bored today and wanted to do something with Ranulf in it... since I was occupied with drawing Dark... I figured I'd have to settle with some sort of sprite project. XD

Wah... You've gotta love Ranulf's hat. XD
Palen- GoD outfit Sketch--Royal Tactician and Strategist 530 views...Freaking 'foreshortened' leg... My sketch for Palen's GoD Attire-- Old aquaintances got tired of her drab, dreay cloaks during her two year backstep to her homeland and managed to convince her to dress closer to her position back in Crimea.
Recent hair cut-- trim, I mean-- it's still way longer than before.

-sigh-...I hate that leg. T_T -goes to color-
Quill/Palen128 viewsWah ha!! It's my character sprite of Quill or Palen. X3 I'm rather happy with how it came out. =34 comments
Palen Sprite70 viewsHahaha! ^^ I think I got better with these... just a tad. I should redo Valon now that I see I can do a bit better... At least Palen came out halfway decent.1 comments
Melior Falls124 viewsThe title!! It speaks! Heh! I jest. Anyways, this is an image for a chapter in my fanfic. As you can tell-- It's still in the early, early stages of Path of Radiance.
Happy Valentines!51 viewsHappy Valentines! I know it's early, but there you go! BTW, thats me and a giant heart2 comments
TrystxGavin!40 viewsHe bought her a teddy bear! XD

PS: My first time drawing Gavin.
LukexLucy!56 viewsThe half-vamps hogging on hearts and blood! XD4 comments
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