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Aiza and her fiance71 viewsThe hardest, well, maybe not hardest, the longest manga splicing project ever. The resolution is also completely different since the pic of Uryu was actually a cover pic. If anyone has read this far in death note, which isnt that far, then you know which picture I used to splice. Aiza and her fiance who looks just like Uryu.4 comments
The Familiar love - Aiza and Uryu56 viewsWow, that mightve been the hardest manga splicing experiment I've ever made.
The pictures of Aiza are from a character in Death note, I dont wanna say anything about her since its a spoiler.

Aiza story: She studies weather. Her fiance looked and acted just like Uryu but he died while studying the weather on mountains. When Aiza met Uryu, she really thought he was her fiance and she fell in love with him but it turns out that he wasnt.
No one really, Aiza I guess.42 viewsI didn't draw this

Probably Aiza from my Bleach fic or Lucy with her hair down. Dunno really, I just thought this pic looked good.
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