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Arin109 viewsArin is the younger of the Grace brothers. He is not as well cut out for mercenary work as Cody, and is quite a whiner. Although he seemes stupid at times he is actually quite intelligent. After being abducted by the insane alchemist Brownie, he is transfomed and forever loses the innocence of his child hod forever.7 comments
. G A M E . O V E R .49 viewsA character of mine named Christopher...a mindless killing machine. XD;;
I like drawing guns.
Cody78 viewsCody is Arin's older brother and mercenary partner. Cody can be very honest, even about stuff no one else wants to know about. He is not very confident and thinks of himself as worse than he actually is. He has a crush on Natalie 1 comments
wallace goes legault hunting85 views
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