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FE6 CM song611 viewsRemix of the Fire Emblem Theme in Latin!
The music was played during the Japanese TV ad.

The song is sung in Latin, and has been remixed for SSBB. The Smash Bros Dojo also gave the English lyrics as follows:

Fire Emblem, companions walk
The endless path together.

In the wavering shadow of spite,
Our home is faced by the oncoming spear,
Engulfed in flames.

I keep that unforgettable day in my heart
And now rise up together with my companions.

Fire Emblem, our bond shall be never broken.

We hold fast to protect tomorrow
And the one who awaits our return.

Fire Emblem, light gathers on the flag we unfurl.

Fire Emblem, we gaze upon the multitude of stars,
Gripping our blades.

If we do not bring light to the darkness in these lands,
The shooting stars will soar over a wasteland.

Fire Emblem, on whom does the morning sun shine
As she climbs over the edge of battle?
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